Have you ever seen an ad for a product that made that product look so good you just had to go out and buy it? It happens to us all the time with food commercials (it explains why we’re here writing about weight loss pills). But sometimes it can be the case with supplements, too. For Ketogenasis, their advertising was so effective, we almost bought a bottle on sight.

But as we’ll talk about more in our review, there are a few reasons that interested buyers might want to hold onto their cash. In our review of Ketogenasis pills, we’ll talk all there is to know about this hot new supplement. That includes obvious things like price and trial info, but also some not-so-obvious details. We’ll also talk about user reviews (if we can find any), where to find the best price, and if there’s a trial worth trying.

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Ketogenasis Review | Initial Thoughts

The old saying in supplements is that if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. Well, maybe that’s not supplement-specific, but we do use it a lot. That’s because for every true innovation in weight loss supplements, there’s probably 10,000 different products that get releases with essentially the same formula.

Does Ketogenasis fit that bill? Let’s check in on their ingredients to find out.

Ketogenasis Ingredients

Ingredients can be tricky to assess. Sometimes supplements will use a proprietary formula, which masks the amounts of each ingredient used. That can mean your fancy new Garcinia supplement actually only has trace amounts of the advertised ingredient, but a bunch of other stuff packed in.

So while we would like to say that Ketogenasis isn’t like that, we haven’t seen anything that says it isn’t.

That’s because, for some reason or another, K2 Slim has decided not to provide their ingredient label in their advertising pages.

As you can imagine, that makes it pretty hard for us to discuss the ingredients without having bought the product, which we’re no inclined to do until we, you know, see the ingredients!

Ketogenasis Side Effects

If you’re on the hunt for a new weight loss pill, it’s important to watch out for side effects. A lot of pills can be packed with stimulants that can give all kinds of side effects.

But, because Ketogenasis didn’t list their ingredients like a reasonable supplement company should, we’re forced to say that we don’t know if there are side effects for Ketogenasis.

Our best, and constant, advice is to talk with your doctor, pharmacist, or qualified health expert about the product before you start use.

Ketogenasis Price

Obviously you want to get a deal on any product you buy. It’s half the fun of shopping, after all! But there’s a new trend in online diet products that makes it harder to get products in a way that makes sense–the trial program.

Take the Ketogenasis Trial, for instance. They’ve made it so you can’t buy the product without participating in the trial. That means finding a deal aside from the trial impossible.

Ketogenasis Trial Program

Another online product, another trial program not worth writing about. There’s a lot of ways to get a good keto pill. But, in our experience, getting Ketogenasis through their trial isn’t one of them.

Here are the details for the K2 Keto Trial

  1. Trial Length: 14 Days
  2. Shipping: $4.95
  3. After Trial: Monthly Shipment Subscription
  4. Price/Month: $89.37

Ketogenasis Review | Final Thoughts

You’ve seen our spiel on K2 Keto, so what do you think? For us, it wasn’t one that we necessarily liked.

Why? Because we couldn’t figure out what they were using for ingredients! Because of that, we have no idea if we’ll end up liking the product. Now, typically a trial would account for that by having you get the product in your hands for awhile to experience the product.

But with Ketogenasis, the trial is so short that you don’t really get a feel for the product by the time you need to decide on keeping it.


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